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2015     Captaincy


This is a naval miniatures game for the age of sail. That means you make model ships somehow and move them around on a table according to what the rules tell you. It's the first game I've written from the ground up, and I'm very pleased with it.

2004     Saxons!


A culture supplement by Roderick Robertson for the Arthurian RPG Pendragon. I was the editor.

2000     Hero Wars


I wrote or co-wrote the introductory scenarios for this experimental role-playing game set in Greg Stafford's fictional universe of Glorantha. The picture links to Greg's current version of the rules, called HeroQuest -- I'm not sure if it still contains my material or not.

1994     Pagan Shore


I wrote this culture supplement for Pendragon. It describes dark age and medieval Ireland as an RPG setting. Although the long vowels in Irish words are accented using a medly of available symbols, only some of which are accents, and the naked lady on the cover has been given a chainmail bikini, this is still a classic in its field. 

1983     Superworld


I contributed a few rules to this "point generated" superhero RPG and its first supplement. As the dust settles on the Hero System, this lighter game may have been the best in its genre. Hey, George R. R. Martin was a fan.

1982     Shadows of Yog-Sothoth


I wrote a scenario ("Devil's Canyon") for the first supplement for Call of Cthulhu. This was my first publication; I was sixteen.

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