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Liriope at Jasper Ridge Water and Liriop

2018     Liriope, Stanford University


The myth of Narcissus, featuring Ronja Ver, Katarina Eriksson, and me, among others. It's a mixture of text and dance created by the Bay Area poet Bonnie Wai-Lee Kwong, and staged in Stanford's stunning nature preserve


2016     I came to see you but you are gone, Subterranean Arthouse


this sweet nothing created / curated the final show at Berkeley's Subterranean Arthouse on February 28, 2016, along with Tequila Daisy, WaterSaw, and Sisu Brassland.  Tap the picture to see more phone uploads from Subterranean's facebook page. 

2015     Wrecked 3.0, SafeHouse for the Arts


Along with Sonsheree Giles and Hannah Wasielewski, I danced in this site-based performance by Sara Kraft in October, 2015.  Click on the photo to visit Sara's site.

2015     Resist / Surrender, ODC San Francisco


That's me on the left in the chorus from this production of Risa Jaroslaw's celebrated choreography. The picture links to an album of excerprts from the show.

2013     Well-Contested Sites, Alcatraz Island National Park


This dance video was created at Alcatraz by Amie Dowling; I was part of the ensemble. We toured it to several other sites, including jails, universities, YBCA and Counterpulse. You can watch the whole video at left.

2012     Writhing Letters   Oakland Public Library


I was part of this site-specific dance from Christine Germain. The photo links you to a video of a full performance.

2012     Was it a Dream I Loved?   Fox Theater Black Box


A re-imagining of L'après-midi d'un Faune, from this sweet nothing. I danced in the chorus, among other tasks . . .the whole show is on video at left.

2010-11     Dance Generators, University of San Francisco


I performed for a year with Amie Dowling's intergenerational company at USF. We had shows throughout the Bay Area. If you want to participate in a dance company, look into this ongoing project. 

2010     Love Everywhere, San Francisco City Hall & Other Locations


A massive site-based show from Erika Chong Shuch. I danced in the chorus. Video sample at left. 

2008     After All, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts


I danced in the chorus of Erika Chong Shuch's After All. You can check it out at left.

2007     Spoilio, Llewernog & Other Locations


I was a roving ghost & anglo MC for this site project by the Welsh performance group Blaengar. 

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