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2020    we need war but we don't need violence (prototype)


A teaser for my shelter in place war spectacle to end all war spectacles.


2020     César Chávez Park Berkeley CA April 14 2020


Usually it's tax day.


2019     Transit Fever, December 26, 2019


Fighting a winter catarrh with the ecstasy of trains and buses.

Holt Road 1.JPG

2019     Mojave, California, March 23 2019


140 seconds from my visit to the Alta Wind Energy Center.



2016     CONTINUUM


Twenty-minute precis of a 15-hour performance featuring inkBoat, The Long Tone Choir, thingamajigs, and the poet Stephen Ratcliffe, on Mare Island, California, October 1 2016. More information here.


2016     Subterranean Choo-Choo


Inventory and shipping of the Subterranean Arthouse, made as we were moving out.

2016     Maxwell's Eye


Video of magneto-sculptor Cere Davis making one of her pieces.

2015     Aeoilan Day 2015


This is a promotion / document for Aeolian Day 2015, a festival of wind-powered musical instruments curated by thingamajigs.

2013     Art in Nature Festival 2012


This photo links to an album of videos I made for the 2012 Art in Nature Festival, an event held annually in Oakland's Redwood Park. I made montages from a variety of footage and a variety of cameras . . ."Soundgarden" and "Brass Menazeri" are two of my favorites.

2012     Kinetic Arts 2011


Another album of video montages, this time to document a 2011 April Fools' Day show at Kinetic Arts. The "juggling and contortion" video gets the most plays, probably because of the strong performances.

2011     Vanishing Point


This is a full-length document of the final performance of Vanishing Point by The Carpetbag Brigade. I'm proud of the editing in this video.

2010     Almond Harvest 2009, Ripon, California


A video of the penultimate almond harvest on my father's farm. Made in a blind, voracious way to make a pattern out of what was happening.



A performance on the streets of South Berkeley, in collaboration with Naomi West  . . . and the people we encountered, who become large figures in a world of fantasy.



Music and readings at a launch party for Dead Poets Walk, featuring The Cliff Notes.

2008     Standing for Tibet


Afraid of being shot, the messenger hides, and nostalgia for empires that might have been takes over the plaza. The Red Star curls up with the Stars and Stripes while the Black Bloc watches from the trees. A Marin County monk has no argument for a Beijing business major.

2008     Walking for Burma


My love of Eisenstein influences my view of this action on a bridge. The result has been enviously called "meaningless" by one of the Zen devotees who appear in it. 

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